What if I test positive?

If you test positive for COVID-19, do not come to campus. You must isolate off campus for at least five days and will need to be cleared by Health Services before returning to campus. A mask will be required for days 6-10 and you may need to isolate during sleeping hours if you have a roommate. Alternate on-campus housing will be provided during this time if needed. 

For resident students: please remain in your dorm and contact Health Services during business hours at 845-569-3152. If it’s after hours, contact Security at 845-569-3200.

Submitting a positive test result

  1. Visit msmary.studenthealthportal.com.

  2. Log in. If needed, create your account to do so. Enter your information as requested. 

  3. Once logged in, follow directions as prompted. Proof includes official results from a rapid or PCR test, a photo of a home test with this attestation form, or a note from your physician.

Health Services will contact you with your next steps.

Upon being cleared by Health Services, students may return to campus if their symptoms are mostly resolved: no persistent cough, nasal discharge, or sore throat, and no fever for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Any student needing to isolate because they were COVID-19 positive needs to be cleared by Health Services in order to return to campus. Call 845-569-3152.

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