- by Mack the Knight

So it’s the night before Orientation, and you’re wondering what to expect. Here are six things you should know about Orientation at the Mount:

Students playing rock paper scissors

Get ready for LOTS of icebreakers. *Cue the inward groan.* Start thinking of your two truths and a lie now. Yes, they can be cheesy, but icebreakers are a staple of any orientation. They really do help you get to know other people better, and that’s kind of the whole point! So try to play along no matter how silly you think the activity is going to make you look. You never know — it might just lead you to your new best friends.

 Students listening to speakers

You’re going to receive a lot of information. Just about every department on campus will be talking to you over the next 24 hours. As much as it may feel like information overload, these presentations contain a lot of important information that will help you as a Mount student. If you can’t remember everything these presenters say, try to at least remember their names and faces for when you return. That way, you can go to them in the fall if you need help with anything. (Pro tip: Don’t throw away your Orientation folder. There’s a bunch of flyers in there you’ll thank yourself you kept come September.)

Students sitting in circle listening to Orientation Leader

You’ll have an instant mentor. Your Orientation experience will be guided by an upperclassman student called an Orientation Leader. Think of them as a cool older sibling ready to show you around campus and tell you the inside scoop of college life for the next 24 hours. Plus, they’ll be there as a resource for you all throughout your first year of college. Need help finding your classes? Not sure how many clubs is too many? Wondering about deadlines and requirements for first year students? Your Orientation Leader has been there before and can help you navigate this new experience.

Group photo

Document this. You’ll be looking back on this day four years from now reminiscing about the start of amazing friendships. Make sure you take pictures (and while you’re at it, tag them #msmcNY)!

Students doing online poll

You’ll have a better sense of what your first year of college will be like. At Orientation, you’ll register for classes with the help of your professors and academic advisors. Plus, you’ll receive information on being a Mount student 101: how to order textbooks, where to go to find your class locations, and essential Mount lingo. Just wait, by next week, you’ll be throwing around acronyms like FYE, OSS, the DC, and more with ease.


Students posing with pennants

It’s going to be an epic start to your #Next4. It’s natural to wonder if you’ve made the right decision about where to go to college. Attending Orientation will remind you why you fell in love with the Mount in the first place. Get ready for team building exercises, a game show, late night block party, and meeting your new family. You won’t be able to wait to come back and get your college experience started.


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