- by Belle Frank

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions of your young adult life. Not being able to see the college before making the decision just puts added pressure on you. So here are some tips to make the choice just a little easier.

  1. Take the virtual tour
    Most colleges have a virtual tour on their website. To get a feel for what the campus is like, check that out. It’ll give you a great idea for what you’re looking forward to.
  2. Read student posts
    Colleges usually have articles, blogs, or social media posts from current students about their experience at the college. The Mount has student bloggers, social media take overs of the MSMC Admissions Instagram, and even Instagram accounts run by students to show the life of an MSMC Knight. Make sure to go through and look at the content to get an accurate representation of student life at the college. Your social life is an important factor to consider along with your academics. These MSMC accounts give a live look into both of those aspects of current students.
  3. Get in touch with faculty, staff, and students
    Don’t be afraid to email us! The Mount is a family that you are now a part of. If you’re struggling with deciding, email your admissions counselor to ask questions. If they know someone that will answer you better, they’ll point you in the right direction.
  4. Put on your detective cap
    Finding a college that is just the right fit is not always easy in the best of circumstances. Not being able to visit the college to make that choice just puts on added pressure. It will take some research, but you will figure it out. So make a snack and sit down at your computer and get to work!