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Cecelia Murray

Portrait of: Sister Cecilia MurrayBooks

Other waters: a history of the Dominican Sisters of Newburgh, New York
Cecilia Murray
Brookville Books, 1993. First Edition.

Book Chapters

Chapter Title: A call heard in Bavaria
Cecelia Murray
Book Title: Dominicans at home in a young nation: 1786-1865
Editor: Mary Nona McGreal
Edition du Signe, 2001.


The least qualified: a leadership crisis in the Newburgh Dominicans
Cecilia Murray
U.S. Catholic Historian, v29, n1, 2011, p53-71

Katharine Drexel: learning to love the poor
Cecilia Murray
Catholic Education, A Journal of inquiry and Practice, v9, n3, 2006, p307-318