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Dean Goldberg

 Dean Goldberg

Associate Professor of Communication Arts
Division of Arts and Letters
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The Kaplan Family Foundation: a living legacy
Editor: Dean Goldberg
Author: Jonathan Goldman
First Impressions Printing, 2010


Book review: Witch hunting in America lives on--Show Trial:
Hollywood, HUAC and the Birth of  the Blacklist, by Thomas Doherty

Dean Goldberg
Film International 81, 2019, v16,n4, p. 112-114.

Nicolas Roeg, 1928-2018 (obituary)
Dean Goldberg (Film International), December 2018

Misapprehension of the mainstream: The Darkest Hour (film review)
Dean Goldberg (Film International), December 2017

Verity less lively: Flesh and Blood (film review)
Dean Goldberg (Film International), November 2017

More than a touch of madness: the flawed brilliance of Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell's debut film, Performance
Dean Goldberg
Film International 81, March 2017, v15,n3, p. 76-85.

Newburgh Rising: A Photographers For Hope journey ; behind the scenes of the documentary
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2016, v11, n1, p12-14

Is Cinema Studies really important to a Production curriculum?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2015, v10, n1, p. 38-39.

The elephant in the room: the role of professionals in media studies
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2014, v9, n4, p. 38-40.

Who's driving the bus?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2012, v7, n3, p. 35

Visual grammar and syntax of film
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2012, v7, n3, p. 30

A conversation with DP Rick Siegel about Jeff Beck Live at the Iridium: the stuff of legend: Jeff Beck honors Les Paul
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2011, v6, n2, p. 8-14

3 reasons to "just say no" to three point lighting: demystify the 'Holy Trinity' of lighting
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, May 2009, p. 8-9

The digital revolution: what is missing?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, April 2009, p. 42-43

Screams and whispers: in Servant of the Bones, Anne Rice's hero finds his inner ghost
Dean Goldberg
The Record, July 21, 1996, p1 of Books and Music Section


Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, September 1, 2015

Mr. Lee
Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, October 1, 2014

Wednesday 8AM 
Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, May 1, 2012