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Jane Gangi

Jane Gangi

Associate Professor of Education
Division of Education
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Genocide in contemporary children’s and young adult literature : Cambodia to Darfur
Jane M. Gangi
Publisher: Routledge, 2014. First Edition.

Deepening literacy learning : art and literature engagements in K-8 classrooms
Jane M. Gangi, Mary Ann Reilly, Rob Cohen
Information Age, 2010. First Edition.

Encountering children's literature : an arts approach
Jane M. Gangi
Pearson, 2004. First Edition.

Book Chapters

Chapter Title: Sympathy for the suffering of others through writing and illustrating children's and young adult literature of genocide
Jane M. Gangi
Book Title: Creativity and compassion
Editors: J. Briggs, P. Hatch
Diamond Cutter Press, 2012. First Edition.

Chapter Title: Reading dramatic texts in the electronic age: modes of response
Chapter Authors: Jane M. Gangi, R.D. Taylor
Book Title: Teaching drama 11-16
Author: H. Nicholson
Continuum, 2000. First Edition.

Chapter Title: A capacity to see: memories of Aurand Harris
Jane M. Gangi
Book Title: Aurand Harris remembered: a monograph celebrating America's giant playwright for little people
Editor: O. Corey
Anchorage, 1999. First Edition.

Chapter Title: Making sense of drama in an electronic age
Jane M. Gangi
Book Title: On the subject of drama
Editor: D. Hornbrook
Routledge, 1998. First Edition.


Laying bare of questions which have been hidden by answers: The English language arts standards of the Common Core, K-5
Jane M. Gangi, M.A. Reilly
The Language and Literacy Spectrum, 2013, v23, p7-19

Spotlighting the literacy needs of African American males
Jane M. Gangi
Connecticut Reading Association Journal Online, 2012, v1, n1, p32-38

Listening to children's voices: Literature and the arts as means of responding to the effects of war, terrorism, and disaster
Jane M. Gangi, E. Barowsky
Childhood Education, 2009, v85, n6, p. 357-363

Annotated bibliography of children's literature on war, terror, and disaster since 1945
Jane M. Gangi
Childhood Education, 2009, v85, n6, p390-394

Developing a school-college professional learning community to promote student engagement
Jane M. Gangi, S.B. Wepner, A.M. Bettica, M.A. Reilly, T. Klemm
Excelsior, 2008, v3, n1, p37-53

Multicultural books for early childhood educators
Jane M. Gangi
Montesorri Life, 2007, v19, n1, p 97-101

African-American literature: Books to stoke dreams
Jane M. Gangi, A. Ferguson
The Tennessee Reading Teacher, 2006, v34, n2, p. 29-38