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Michael Fox

Assistant Professor of Business Law
School of Business
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Primer for an evolving  eWorld
Michael L. Fox
Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2019


Considering Law School? Undergraduates should contemplate this advice from pre-law advisors
Michael Fox, J. Strauss
New York State Bar Association Journal, v90, September 2018

Objection, Your Honor (to your social media activity?)
Michael Fox
New York State Bar Association Journal, v90, March/April 2018

Who has access to decedents’ electronic assets and social media?
Michael Fox
Pretrial Practice & Discovery, v26, n1, Winter 2018

Corporate counsel & HR managers be aware: in employment law, protected classes are expanding to include sexual orientation, gender identiy and transgender status
Michael Fox
35INSIDE35, Fall 2017

The legal profession: attorneys & courts, bulwark against injustice
Michael Fox
Pathway, the newsletter for law students, Summer 2017, v9
[reprinted in Perspectives, Spring 2018]

"I show you Exhibit E for identification": differing approaches for authentication of of electronic evidence at trial
Michael Fox
NY Litigator, v22, n14, Spring 2017

Published Conference Proceedings

Symposium commentary: Evidence today – Discussing the impact of technology on traditional evidence and its influence on the evolution of modern evidentiary techniques
Michael Fox, R. Harp, C. Sundquist, M. Mourges, S. Hogan, A. Willey, J. Carey, M. Hutter, M. Deyo, T. Kindlon, S. Herrick
Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology, v27, n2, 2017, p. 139-189.