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Michael Daven

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Professor of Mathematics
Division of Math and Information Technology
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Math trails in undergraduate mathematics
Michael Daven, Lee Fothergill
New York State Mathematics Teachers Journal, v61, 2011, p32-38

Multidesigns for graph-triples of order 6
Michael Daven
Congressus Numerantium, v183, 2006, p139-160

Multidesigns of the \lambda-fold complete graph for graph-pairs of orders 4 and 5
Michael Daven
Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, v32, June 2005, p125-136

Multidecompositions of the complete graph
Michael Daven
Ars Combinitoria, vLXXII, 2004, p17-22

Multidesigns for graph-pairs of order 4 and 5
Michael Daven
Graphs & Combinatorics, v19, n4, 2003, p433-447

Maximal sets of hamilton cycles in complete multipartite graphs
Michael Daven
Discrete Mathematics, v43, 2003, p49-66

(k,g)-cages are 3-connected
Michael Daven
Discrete Mathematics, v199, 1999, p207-215

Published Conference Proceedings

The Johnson graph has connectivity $\delta$
Michael Daven
Proceedings of the 30th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, & Computing, Boca Raton, 1999, p123-128