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Nancy Von Rosk

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Professor of English
Division of Arts and Letters

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Looking back at the Jazz Age : new essays on the literature and legacy of an iconic decade
Editor: Nancy Von Rosk
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016.

Book Chapters

Chapter Title: Women, work, and cross-class alliances in the fiction of Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Author: Nancy Von Rosk
Book Title: Working women in American literature, 1865-1950
Editor: Miriam S. Gogol
Lexington Books, 2018

Chapter Title: To dance with "The Hired Girls": love, labor, and longing in My Antonia
Author: Nancy Von Rosk
Book Title: Women and work: the labors of self-fashioning
Editors: Christine Leiren Mower, Susanne Weil
Cambridge Scholars Publishing , 2011

Chapter Title: Coon shows, ragtime and the blues: race, urban culture, and the naturalist vision in Paul Laurence Dunbar's The sport of the gods
Nancy Von Rosk
Book Title: Twisted from the ordinary: essays on American literary naturalism
Editor: Mary E. Papke
Publisher: University of Tennessee Press, 2003
First Edition

Chapter Title: In and out of the labyrinth: a journey through Fes
Nancy Von Rosk
Book Title: An inn near Kyoto: writing by American women abroad
Editors: Kathleen Coskran, C.W. Truesdale
New Rivers Press, 1998
First Edition


Prince Charming or animal bridegroom?: Fairy tale elements in Edith Wharton’s Bunner Sisters
Nancy Von Rosk
Journal of the Short Story in English, v58, Spring 2012, p159-173.

Mark Twain's messengers for a fallen world: supernatural strangers in "The War Prayer" and "The Mysterious Stranger" Manuscripts
Nancy Von Rosk
Mark Twain Studies, v2, 2006, p84-86

Spectacular homes and pastoral theaters: gender, urbanity and domesticity in The House of Mirth
Nancy Von Rosk
Studies in the Novel, v33, n3, 2001, p322-350

"Go, make yourself for a person': urbanity and the construction of an American identity in the novels of Abraham Cahan and Anzia Yezierska
Nancy Von Rosk
Prospects: An Annual of American Cultural Studies, v26, 2001, p295-335

Exhuming buried cries' in Assia Djebar's Fantasia
Nancy Von Rosk
Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, v34, n4, 2001, p65-84

Returning and remembering: the recovery of the maternal in Leslie Silko's Ceremony
Nancy Von Rosk
Southwestern American Literature, v22, n2, 1997, p33-48