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Priscilla Sagar

Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing
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Transcultural nursing education strategies
Priscilla Sagar
Springer, 2014

Transcultural nursing theory and models: application in nursing education, practice, and administration
Priscilla Sagar
Springer, 2012. First Edition.

The lived experience of Vietnamese nurses : a case study
Priscilla Sagar
Columbia University, 2000. First Edition.

Book Chapters

Chapter Title: The trailblazing influences of the Culture Care Theory on the evolution of transcultural nursing theories and models
Priscilla Sagar
Book Title: Leininger’s transcultural nursing: Concepts, theories, research, and practice
Editors: Marilyn R. McFarland, H. Wehbe-Alamah
McGraw-Hill, 2017, 4th ed.

Chapter Title: Transcultural nursing certification: its role in nursing education, practice administration, and research
Priscilla Sagar
Book Title: Leininger's culture care diversity and universality: a worldwide nursing theory
Editors: Marilyn R. McFarland, Hiba B. White-Alamah Jones
Bartlett Learning, 2014, Third Edition

Chapter Title: Teaching nurse leaders in Vietnam
Priscilla Sagar
Book Title: Giving through teaching: How nurse educators are changing the world
Editors: J. Fitzpatrick, T.D. Aiken
Springer, 2010

Chapter Title: Clinical teaching
Priscilla Sagar
Book Title: Nursing Faculty Secrets
Editor: L. Scheetz
Hanley & Belfus, 2000. First Edition.


The public trust and our strength in numbers: Harnessing the power of nursing
Priscilla Sagar
Journal of Transcultural Nursing, v28, n3, 2017, p220

Nurses leading the fight against Ebola virus disease
Priscilla Sagar
Journal of Transcultural Nursing, v26, n3, 2015, p322-326