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Rebecca Norman

Assistant Professor of Education
Division of Education
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Don't forget the pictures: using graphical devices to learn about space
Rebecca Norman, Meghan E. Bauer, Jennifer J. Benfer
Michigan Reading Journal, 2016, v49, n1, p18-32

Third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students' perceptions of practices of strong readers of informational text
Rebecca Norman, K.L. Roberts
Journal of the New England Reading Association, 2015, v50, n2, p14-24

Diagrams, timelines, and tables, oh, my! Fostering graphical literacy
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts, Nell K. Duke, Paul Morsink, Nicole M. Martin, Jennifer A. Knight
The Reading Teacher, v67, n1, September 2013, p12-24

Beyond concepts of print: development of concepts of graphics in text, PreK to grade 3
Rebecca Norman, N.K. Duke, N.M. Martin, J.A.  Knight, K.L. Roberts, P.M. M orsink, & S.L. Calkins
Research in the Teaching of English, v48, n2, November 2013, p175-203. 

Not just pretty pictures
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts
Educational Leadership, v71, n3, November 2013, p62-66

Evaluating texts for graphical literacy instruction
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts, Kristy Bruger
The Reading Teacher, v68, n4, 2014, p312-318

Practicing what we preach:relationships between third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade teachers’ beliefs and practices related to genre
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts
Michigan Reading Journal, v47, n1, 2014,p6-13

Relationship between graphical device comprehension and overall text comprehension for third-grade children
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts, Jaime Cocco
Reading Psychology, v36, n5, 2015, p389-420

Getting the bigger picture: children's utilization of graphics and text
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts
Journal of Visual Literacy, v34, n1, 2015, p35-55