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Chapter Title: Risk communication: a complex process
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein
Book Title: Genetic counseling practice: advanced concepts and skills
Editors: B.S. Leroy, P. McCarthy Veach, D.M. Bartels
Wiley, 2010. First Edition.


Ownership of the birth experience
Yasmine Kalkstein, March 2019

How women evaluate birth challenges: analysis of Web-based birth stories
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, T.M. Shatz
JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting, 2018, v1, n2, 2\e12206

Tempting the creation of habits
Yasmine Kalkstein, October 2018

A sabbatical abroad with kids?
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein
Inside Higher Ed, July 5, 2018

Why is changing behavior so hard?
Yasmine Kalkstein, July 2018

Can emojis prevent people from speeding?
Yasmine Kalkstein, May 2018

Owning the birth experience: what factors influence women’s
vaginal birth after caesarean decision?

Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, Colleen P. Kirk, Kristen Berisha and
Kathleen M. Galotti
Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 2017, v35, n4, p410-422.

What are VBAC women seeking and sharing? A content analysis of online discussion boards
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein
Birth, September 2015, v42, n3, p277-282

Examining influences on women's decision to try labour after previous caesarean section
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, Michele M. Barry, Kathleen Galotti
Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, v32, n2, 2014, p137-147.

Revise, and resubmit: The effects of self-critique, peer review, and instructor feedback on student writing
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, M.A. Stellmack, N.K. Keenan, R.R.Sandidge, A.L. Sippl
Teaching of Psychology, v39, n4, 2012, p235-244

The effect of visual representation on Bayesian decision making and Bayesian reasoning
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, Amanda Miles
Sentience, v1, 2008, p1-6.

The effect of incentives on cognitive processing of text
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, P. van den Broek
Discourse Processes, v45, n8, 2008, 180-194.

Comparison of honor code and non-honor code classrooms at a non-honor code university
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein, M. A. Stellmack, M. L. Shilkey
Journal of College and Character, v9, n8, 2008, p1-13.

A uniform look
Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein
American School Board Journal, v193, n8, 2006, p25-27.