Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the library's printers?

The library has four printers: two on Floor 1 and two on Floor 2.

Floor 1:

Locations of printers in the Library

Floor 2:

Locations of printers in the Library


What is PaperCut, the Mount's Print Management Program?

PaperCut is a software application that monitors student printing across campus, as well as student photocopying in the library. PaperCut has been installed to reduce wasteful paper and toner consumption, which has a negative impact on both the environment and expenses. The print management program will encourage students to "think before they print and copy." Implementing this program will permit you to print or copy what's needed for coursework while controlling problems of unnecessary printing and copying.

How does PaperCut work?

PaperCut shows each student how much they’ve printed and copied. Print and copy activity is applied against each student's printing allotment. Allocations are shown below. A short IT Video explaining allocations is available here. Please note that a requirement for receiving points is logging into a campus computer during each semester in order for the points to get allocated to a student.

How do I get my printout?

Every student PC has the Toshiba print queue listed as a printer--this is where your documents go when you select Print. Then go to a Toshiba printer, swipe your student ID card (card swipe is located on the left-hand side of the printer), and the printout will print!

How many prints and copies do I get?

All students will be given a 4000 point  printing allotment* each semester to apply toward printing and copying in that semester. This allotment is applied on the first day of class. Prints and copies will be charged against the credit as follows:

  • Black (greyscale), single-sided printing/copying -- 5 points per page.
  • Black (greyscale), double-sided printing/copying -- 8 points for a two-sided page.
  • Color, single-sided printing/copying -- 10 points per page.
  • Color, double-sided printing/copying -- 18 points for a two-sided page.

The 4000 points per-semester allocation is equivalent to 800 single-sided prints or copies. Unused amounts will rollover to subsequent semesters, until your account reaches the cap of 8000 points**. (Please note that unused PaperCut points cannot be refunded.) 

*Printing allotment points are not refundable and unused points are not redeemable for cash.

**A system upgrade required a cap on points. Any points purchased that exceeded thie cap amount may be refunded.

What about summer session? Do I get a printing and copying allotment if I'm attending classes during the summer?

Any student registered to attend classes during summer sessions receives a 1000 point PaperCut printing and copying allotment.

What happens when I use up my print/copy credit?

Once you’ve exhausted your 4000 points, you can add more points (buy more paper) with Mount Money. If you have Mount Money on your ID card, you can follow the instructions in the PaperCut box to add additional points to your print/copy allocation. If you don’t already have Mount Money, you can add cash to your card at the MSMC Student Financial Services Office. If additional points purchased do not display, contact this office of the IT Department at x3491. (Please note that unused PaperCut points, even if purchased with cash or Mount Money, cannot be refunded.). 

You can use the MSMC Mobile app to buy more paper. 

msmc mobile screen image for purchasing points for papercut printing

How will I know I am getting low on my print/copy allotment?

PaperCut will display a small box (or widget) when you are logged into the MSMC network.

screenshot: papercut software

Click on the “Details” link to access your PaperCut account. Use your MSMC network username and password to log into your account.

screenshot: papercut software

Your PaperCut account will show how much copying and printing you have done. This is where you can add additional points to your account. PaperCut will also depict your printing/copying activity in terms of energy and resource use. This reinforces the importance of being mindful about printing and copying only what you need.

screenshot: papercut software

I am a faculty, staff or administrator. Will PaperCut affect me?

You will see the PaperCut widget when you login to a computer in a classroom lab or in the library. However, you can continue to print (or make copies in the library) even if you exceed the 4000 point allotment.

What about alumni? Can I still print?

Yes, active alumni can still print from the computers in the library. Each active alumni will have an annual printing allottment of 1,250 points applied every July 1st, which is about 250 pages.

What if there's a paper jam or my printout is streaked/creased/in bad shape and I have to reprint? Can I get those pages back?

You can request an adjustment to your printing allocation so those unusable pages of that print job can be added back in to your printing allocation. Please note that these adjustments can take up to two business days to process. See this video on requesting adjustments.

How does copying work with PaperCut?

All copiers in the MSMC Library are connected to the PaperCut system. Swipe your ID card in order to make copies. All photocopies, whether black, color, single- or double-sided, use points from your PaperCut allotment in the same way as prints.

I tried to copy but was not able to. What's the problem?

Students, faculty, and staff need to be "acknowledged" by the PaperCut system. You will encounter this situation only once if you haven't ever signed on to a library PC. Once you sign on to a PC, you can log out of the PC and then you will be able to use the copiers.

How do I copy something if I am not a student, faculty, or staff member at Mount Saint Mary College?

People from outside the Mount Saint Mary College community will need to see a staff member in order to use the Library's photocopiers. The charges for using the photocopiers are

  • Black, single-sided printing/copying -- 5 cents per page.
  • Black, double-sided printing/copying -- 8 cents for a two-sided page.
  • Color, single-sided printing/copying -- 10 cents per page.
  • Color, double-sided printing/copying -- 18 cents for a two-sided page.

Learn more about using PaperCut to copy.

Why can't I print from eClass?

If you try to print a document directly from eClass, the document may not print. To avoid this situation, save any document you view in eClass and want to print to your Desktop. Then open the document from your Desktop and then print it from there.

Can I print using my own laptop in the Library?

PaperCut allows for black and white, double-sided printing from laptops to Library printers. This IT Short video explains the process.

Learn more about using PaperCut to print from a laptop to Library printers.

I want to scan a document, not print or copy it. How can I do that?

There are two methods for scanning:

1) Once you've swiped your ID card on a Toshiba printer/copier, you can scan a document into pdf format on to a USB drive that you provide. Insert your USB drive into the port on the machine, press the Scan button, and follow the instructions on the display panel.

2) If you don't have a USB drive, you can scan a document and automatically save it to your H drive or email it to yourself.  After swiping your ID card, press the eFile button and follow the instructions on the display panel. Scans can then be saved to your H drive (into a folder called Scans) or emailed  to your address. You can scan as fully functional Word or Excel files, as plain text, or as pdf images.  Please note that there is no way to change the email address it scans to or the H drive it scans to, since the process is tied specifically to you once you swipe your ID card. 

Scanning does not deduct points from your PaperCut account.