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"A Thin Banner Streaming"

Feb 14

12:15 PM1:15 PM
Kaplan Library Rm 218

Thin red and gold banner"A Thin Banner Streaming":
The Craft of Historical Fiction

12th Annual MSMC Library Week -
EXTENDED!  *Snow Date*

Gina Evers, Director of the Writing Center
Danielle Petricca, Kelsey Simeone, Troy Watson, Writing Center Tutors

In News of the World, Captain Kidd describes himself as “a thin banner streaming” when serving as a messenger during the War of 1812. Like the Captain, historical fiction acts as a banner for modern readers, highlighting past ways of existence and inviting readers to march into them alongside fictional characters.

Join the Writing Center for this presentation, where we will explore the writing tools necessary to weave historical accuracy and fictional narrative together – how the banners of historical fiction are written into being.

All are welcome, approved for FYE College Life credit. The talk is free and open to the public.

*You must be present to win*



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