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iROC: A Hole in the Gate

Apr 05

12:45 PM1:45 PM
DC Café

A Hole in the Gate -- Looking Closer

iROC - Investigating Research on Campus

I'll be sad in heaven If I don't find a hole in the gate'
-The Replacements, from the song - I Can't Hardly Wait

Please be with us Thursday, April 5th when Chris Neyen, of MSMC Division of Arts and Letters, will present A Hole in the Gate -- Looking Closer.

How does one define themselves as a creative professional and how does that expression manifest itself in the work? Through visual communication and visual research, Professor Neyen has determined a process by which he is able to express himself through his work in fine art. Professor Neyen will remark upon his artistry's journey of striving to be different in a sea of sameness while finally realizing that the hole in the gate IS the pathway.

Chris Neyen is Assistant Professor of Arts and Graphic Design at Mount Saint Mary College. He holds a Master in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. His current research involves Photography as a tool to create images while challenging the illusionism of the expected.

A Hole in the Gate -- Looking Closer will take place in the DC Café. This event has been approved FYE credit as College Connection. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there!


For more information about this or any of the iROC presentations, or to volunteer as or recommend an iROC speaker, please contact the coordinators of the iROC program - Dr. Evan Merkhofer, Assistant Professor of Biology, 845-569-3368, or Jen Park, Assistant Librarian for Access and Outreach Services, 845-569-3546,

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