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iROC: The Analogy of Faith and Baseball

Feb 13

12:45 PM1:45 PM
Kaplan Library Room 218

You Can Learn a Lot Just by Watching: The Analogy of Faith and Baseball


First half of an iROC Double-Header!Robert Miller
Never before - two iROCs on the same day!!

First up - Robert Miller, MSMC Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Faith and baseball are part of the American pastime.  Since we can encounter God in life’s common things, then God must be on the baseball field, too.  The stories of baseball are sometimes the stories of faith.  Explore the similarities and dissimilarities between faith and baseball and learn what baseball may teach us about life.

Dr. Miller teaches a course called "Sports as Religion," which attempts to make the connection between sports and faith in a general way.  His iROC talk applies the concepts of that class to a particular sport, baseball.

Robert P. Miller is Associate Professor of Religion and chair of MSMC's Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Dr. Miller holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Scranton and Seton Hall University.  He earned his PhD in Biblical Studies from the Catholic University of America, specializing in the New Testament, Gospel of John.  Dr. Miller has published in the areas of scripture, theology, and spirituality.  His current research is in the Eucharist, the spirituality of speech, film, and sports.

Enjoy peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and popcorn - just like being at the ballpark!

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Catch the second half of our iROC Double-Header at 4 p.m.


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