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Unseen Unheard Art Show Opening Reception

Apr 18

5:00 PM7:00 PM
Kaplan Family Library

Art show poster for Mount student Morgan DeavorArtist Statement:

“You know too much Psychology when you can’t get mad because you understand everyone’s reasons for doing everything.” -The Mind Journal. Everyone sees from different perspectives; Not one mind is alike. When abnormality strikes, reactions vary; however, what is abnormal to some, may not be abnormal to others. These pieces represent my understanding and perception of certain Psychological Disorders that I have focused on in my studies of Psychology. These pieces explore what the disorder may look like inside the individual, contrary to the outside. I portrayed these pieces using acrylic paint, oil paint, pastel and mixed media.


Morgan is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. She is a Psychology major, with an art minor. Her aspiration is to become a Psychiatric Nurse at a children’s hospital. Morgan’s interest in art sparked through her Uncle. His talent inspired her to express herself through art. Morgan’s art career prospered in high school, where she placed in numerous competitions, became the President of the National Art Honor Society, editor of the art magazine - Revelation Magazine, and spent time exploring life processes as a theme for AP Art. In college she has taken numerous graphic design courses and drawing courses. Morgan aspires to use art and creativity as a form of therapeutic treatment in future patients.

About the Art:

  • “Who Am I?” Acrylic, 30”x40”
  • “Broken” Acrylic/Mixed Media, 24”x26”
  • “The Stare” Oil/Mixed Media, 24”x26”
  • “Abducted” Acrylic/Pastel, 30”x40”
  • “Ana’s Marionette” Mixed Media, 24”x24”x6”

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