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World of “News of the World”

Feb 05

4:00 PM5:00 AM
Kaplan Library Room 218

World of "News of the World": Civil War, Frontier Texas, 1850-1870

12th Annual MSMC Library Week

Josh Mordin, Civil War enthusiast and re-enactor

Gain a broad understanding of the causes and after-effects of the Civil War. Mordin will discuss the pre-war period through the war itself and its aftermath – the major battles and campaigns, post-war politics, and the challenges of Reconstruction. Learn about the West Texas frontier – the setting for News of the World – its history after the Mexican War, the influx of immigrants, and conflict between German immigrants and Native Americans.

Presentation will include a Union soldier kit, uniform, and weapons.

All are welcome, approved for FYE College Life credit.  The talk is free and open to the public.


Josh Mordin has had a lifelong interest in history and passion for understanding the past.  An 8th grade trip to Gettysburg inspired a passion for the Civil War era.  After earning his B.A. in history from Marist College, Josh moved to northern Virginia and was able to visit many of the major Civil War battlefields.  Discovering that re-enactments were "the coolest thing ever," he joined a local unit and has now been a Civil War re-enactor for more than 20 years.

Josh is currently a IT Systems Manager with the General Services Administration and lives in Herndon, Virgina.












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