Personal Librarians

As part of the First-Year Experience Program, all freshmen are given a Personal Librarian. What can a Personal Librarian (PL) do for you? He or she is here to be your point person for all things library-related. Do you have a research paper or project coming up? Your PL can help you find the sources you need to successfully complete that assignment. Do you need help with writing citations? Your PL can help you with that too. Contact your PL with any questions, and they will do their best to help you!

Portrait of: Denise GarofoloDenise A. Garofalo
Librarian for Systems and Catalog Services



Personal Librarian For:

FYE 01: BIO 1030 01/ENG 1010 01 (Sarro/Wakeman)
FYE 02: BIO 1030 01/ENG 1010 02 (Sarro/Wakeman)
FYE 10: SOC 1010 01/CIT 1052 08 (Vorsanger/Quinn)
FYE 11: SOC 1010 02/CIT 1052 09 (Vorsanger/Quinn)


Portrait of: Gina TraskGina Trask
Assistant Librarian for Assessment & Instruction



Personal Librarian For:

FYE 03: BIO 1130 01/CHM 1510 01 (Bhalla/Maelia)
FYE 12: ART 1030 01/ENG 1000 03 (Colacicco/Mischio)
FYE 14: HIS 1030 01/ENG 1010 03 (Nguyen/Sabatteli)
FYE 19: PHL 2100 02/REL 1011 01 (Hofbauer/Maple)
FYE 20: BIO 1130 01/CHM 1510 01 (Bhalla/Maelia)


Portrait of: Jon DamrauJon Damrau
Assistant Librarian for Access & Outreach Services



Personal Librarian For:

FYE 04: PSY 1010 01/MTH 1015 02 (Cooke/Alvey)
FYE 05: PSY 1010 02/MTH 1015 03 (Cooke/Alvey)
FYE 07: PSY 1010 07/MTH 1200 02 (Hudak/Daven)
FYE 16: BUS 1010 01/CMA 2170 02 (Russell/Becker)
FYE 17: BUS 1010 02/ENG 1010 11 (Rehfus-Wilsek/Witkowsky)

Information Literacy

Additionally, we are here to teach you about Information Literacy. Information Literacy is the ability to understand when information is needed, find that information, critically evaluate the information, and use the information effectively and ethically. In FYE, we will begin to teach you these skills through video tutorials, quizzes, and in-class lectures. 


You will be required to complete a series of tutorials in order to satisfy the requirements of the information literacy component of the First-Year Experience Program. Please contact your Personal Librarian if you have any questions or problems.

You will be able to access the tutorials through eClass.

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