Study Rooms and Reservations

Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center offers a variety of spaces that can be used for group or individual study, presentation practice, Information literacy class sessions, meetings, and events. 

Library Study Rooms Update

As of October 1, group study rooms in Kaplan Library are being utilized as a temporary home for a number of Sakac residents. This includes Rooms 132, 207, 214, 215, 216, and 217. As a result, they won’t be available to library users until Sakac Hall re-opens.


  • Single students – Individual students looking for quiet, undisturbed space should use our study carrels on the first and second floors in the North Wing of the library. There are 26 large, secluded carrels with built-in light, power, and data access.
  • Groups – Each of the six large tables in the Green Room have been labeled to correspond to one of the study rooms. Each table has a designated white board. While the in-room technology isn't present at the tables, groups can feel free to talk openly since the Green Room isn’t a quiet study area.


  • “Group Study Tables” can still be reserved through the library’s study room reservation system.  Click the "Book A Room" button BELOW to start the reservation process.
  • Existing room reservations will be honored at the Group Study Tables in the Green Room.

Reservations can be made as soon as on the spot on the same day or as far out as two weeks ahead. View our Study Room Policies and Guidelines for complete information.

If anyone in the library can help you in any way, with schoolwork or otherwise, please stop by our Information Desk or Check-out Desk, call us at 845-569-3600, or visit our Ask A Librarian web page.

Event Space Reservations for MSMC Students and Employees

Kaplan Library also offers rooms of varying sizes, configurations, and features (DC 218, the Green Room, and the Orange Room) that are suitable for lectures, readings, conferences, receptions, and other events.  If you'e considering one of these spaces for your event, it is essential that you visit the library to view the space you have in mind PRIOR to reserving it to ensure that it meets your needs.  Once you have identified the desired space, you must request the space via the Campus Event Request system.  You must also submit facilities, IT, and catering work orders for room set-up, tech support, and food service.  The library does not provide these services.

We would be happy to show you our various event spaces and answer your questions.  For assistance, please contact the library by email at or by phone at 845-569-3600 for assistance.  For help with the Campus Event Request process, please email or call 845-569-3340.

Meeting and Event Space Reservations for Community Members

Community members who wish to use library space for meetings and events must follow MSMC policies for facilities use. To learn about these policies and make a reservation, please email at or call 845-569-3340.