Comfort Stations at the Library

For Sakac Residents & All Mount Students


If you’re looking for a spot to hang out between classes, catch a quick nap, or just re-charge, here’s what you can find at Kaplan Library. Most of this is in place now, and the rest will be ready over the next couple of days.


  • 6 spots around the building stocked around the clock with water, candy, and snacks.
  • Available both in quiet study areas and in the 24-hour space.


  • Laptop and TV monitor in the Green Room set up for streaming videos, 24/7.
  • Cable TV on across from the Check-out Desk, whenever the North Wing is open.


  • Scrabble and other games available in the Green Room.
  • Coloring pages and colored pencils in the Green Room and other locations.


  • The library popcorn machine will be in operation Sunday-Thursday, from 6 p.m. to one hour before closing.


  • Need a safe place to stash your stuff? There are more than 30 lockers right outside the entrance to the DC Café. You can purchase a lock at the Check-out Desk but locks are FREE for Sakac residents!


If anyone in the library can help you in any way, with schoolwork or otherwise, please stop by our Information Desk or Check-out Desk, call us at 845-569-3600, or visit our Ask A Librarian web page.