Welcome to the Mount Saint Mary College School of Nursing Simulation and Learning Center! Our Simulation Center provides a supportive, non-threatening environment in which students at all learning levels are able to practice skills, participate in patient care scenarios, and enhance critical thinking and clinical judgment. We’ll ensure that you have the knowledge and skills you need for a smooth and confident transition into practice. 

Our students practice clinical procedures on a number of patient simulators, including adults and pediatric patients, a newborn baby, and “Noelle,” our obstetric patient that gives birth. Using these simulators, students learn physical assessment skills and technical procedures such as medication administration, IV therapy, and Foley catheter placement, under the guidance of a clinical instructor. Students use real IV pumps, medication carts, emergency crash carts, and electronic health records so they are comfortable using these tools in real life. For our graduate students, our simulators also assist in practicing specific skills like suturing, pelvic examination, and advanced physical assessment. 

Throughout these learning experiences, our clinical faculty are on hand to provide guidance and feedback. Our labs also include control rooms, where students can be observed by faculty and discuss their experience after the simulation, enhancing the learning outcomes. This component is central to student learning, self-awareness, and evaluating patient care safety.

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