Mount Saint Mary College’s priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, and faculty, while remaining committed to providing a quality educational experience for our students via an academic delivery framework that allows for the greatest flexibility to adjust to change. We look forward to continuing to face the current challenges, as creatively and effectively as possible, together this fall. Click here to see the fall schedule.

Academic Instruction

Mount Saint Mary College's Fall 2020 semester began in-person instruction on August 24 and will pivot to online/virtual instruction beginning November 30 for the last week of classes and final exams.

To create the most effective and adaptable approach for the Fall 2020 semester, the Mount is utilizing in-person and online/virtual instruction, along with a selection of courses taught fully online. The Mount’s Hybrid Flexible (“Mount Hy-Flex”) approach will allow for proper social distancing and enhance the learning experience. It also provides the most flexibility for adapting to varying needs among individuals, as well as potential changes in guidelines or health conditions at any time throughout the semester.

College-wide training has been underway and continues throughout this summer to ensure that every course the Mount offers, regardless of modality, is equipped with an online platform that delivers carefully and purposefully designed learning experiences with enhanced content, creativity, and flexibility. Every one of our academic departments will be prepared to offer multimodal instruction, both in-person and remotely (asynchronously and synchronously).

Details will vary by course and instructor. Options for mixed in-person/remote classes include the following:

  • Combined live in-person and remote attendance.
  • Course recorded live and shared with remote students.
  • Lectures pre-recorded with in-person and remote student interaction (“flipped” classroom).
  • Components of course conducted asynchronously or in a virtual section.       

Due to social distancing necessities, some classrooms may have reduced occupancy limits. For classes held in these rooms, it may be necessary for groups of students to take turns attending in person and attending the same class virtually.

If an instructor becomes ill, all academic programs will identify contingent faculty who will be prepared to continue instruction in the assigned course.

Assessments and Exams

Objective exams are an essential component of student evaluation in many Mount programs. Every attempt will be made to hold these exams in person while adhering to social distancing policies, using large rooms on campus. If this is not possible, the college will administer exams via Zoom, using multiple proctors and requiring students to adhere to strict protocols.

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