Mount Saint Mary College is committed to keeping the campus clean and safe for students, faculty, and staff. The Mount is adhering to New York State Department of Health guidance for cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning staff wear proper personal protective equipment, including face masks.

Cleaning and Disinfecting of High Traffic Areas

Mount Saint Mary College is implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting techniques for offices and other high-traffic common areas. Our facilities team takes care of the bulk of these actions. Cleaning high-touch surfaces, like keyboards and desks, is the responsibility of employees and students throughout the day. The college is using the safest non-toxic cleaning products and products recommended by CDC for prevention of spread of COVID-19. Upon completion of cleaning rooms, workers place a hang tag on the door indicating the status and time of the cleaning.

Scheduled Cleaning

  • Residence halls with common bathrooms are cleaned two times a day. Daily cleaning schedules for residence halls include cleaning and disinfection of common areas, kitchens, entries, and laundry rooms.
  • Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected nightly. Periodic cleaning of desks throughout the day is the responsibility of the students. Sanitizing wipes or sanitizing spray and paper towels are provided in each classroom.

Social Distancing Strategies

  • Classroom seating adheres to proper social distancing, with seats at least six feet apart. The same applies to the common learning spaces of the Kaplan Family Library.
  • Hydration stations and water fountains are deactivated as they are high-touch surfaces.
  •  Hallways and elevators are equipped with proper signage, including reminders of social distancing techniques and mask requirements.
  • Stairways have signage installed for stairway directions in various buildings.
  • In office/work environments, the social distancing impacts are mostly found in common spaces such as conference rooms, break rooms, and restrooms. Signage communicates usage requirements. Shared offices are minimized to the extent possible and maintain social distancing protocols.
  • Around three dozen high-traffic and reception areas throughout campus have Plexiglass barriers to maintain social distance at points of interaction.

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