Health and Testing
Q. What should I do if I feel sick?
A. If you feel sick, stay home – Call Health Services (845-569-3152) or, if it’s after hours, Security (845-569-3200). For resident students, Guzman Hall has been set up as a quarantine area. Students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will quarantine there.

Q: Do I need to complete the daily health screener during this pause?
A: Yes. All students, staff, and faculty, regardless of whether they are on campus or off campus, should continue to fill out the screener every day.

Living On Campus
Q: If I’m a resident student on campus, will I be able to leave to go to work or get groceries?
A: Yes. You are permitted to work off-campus, or acquire necessities such as groceries or prescriptions, while living on campus during this period.

Q: Can I continue to do my internship, clinical, or student teaching if I live on campus?
A: These activities are currently paused through at least Sunday, February 21. This will be reassessed on Thursday, February 18 for a possible return on Monday, February 22.

Q: Will dining halls remain open?
A: Yes. The View and Henry’s will be available for ordering via the app. Orders can be placed via phone call for the DC Cafe. Students will then pick up their meals in person. You will not be able to dine in during this time.

Q: Are scheduled activities and events still happening?
A: Athletic events and other activities are suspended. However, virtual events may continue as planned.

Q: I am a resident student and I want to go home, but the period of online learning has already begun. What are my options?
A: We do not recommend that resident students leave campus for anything other than buying essential groceries, going to work, essential doctor appointments, or completing internship/student teaching/clinical obligations.

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