In response to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Orange County and a number of confirmed cases on campus, classes will be fully online/virtual from Oct. 13 – 25. Residence halls will remain open.

Clinicals, student teaching, and internships

How are nursing clinicals affected?

  • All undergraduate nursing student clinicals are paused from Oct. 13-24
  • Graduate nursing preceptorships may continue if the facility allows

How is student teaching affected?

  • Students who are teaching virtually can continue to do so
  • Commuter students can continue student teaching face to face if their site allows it
  • Resident students who are teaching face to face should work with the Division of Education to see how they are impacted

How are internships affected?

  • Virtual/Online internships are unaffected
  • In-person internships are paused from Oct. 13-24

Living On Campus

Q: If I’m a resident student on campus, will I be able to leave to go to work or get groceries?
A: Yes. You are permitted to work off-campus, or acquire necessities such as groceries or prescriptions, while living on campus during this period.

Q: Will dining halls remain open?
A: Yes. The View and Henry’s will be available for ordering via the app. Students will then pick up their meals in person. You will not be able to dine in during this time, but outdoor areas will be available. 

Q: Are scheduled activities and events still happening?
A: Athletic events and other activities are cancelled. However, virtual events may continue as planned.

Q: I am a resident student and I want to go home, but the two week period of online learning has already begun. What are my options?
A: We do not recommend that resident students leave campus for anything other than buying essential groceries, going to work, or essential doctor appointments. Resident students who decide to go home over the next two weeks will not be allowed back on campus until Monday, October 26. These students will also be required to get a COVID-19 test before returning to campus. 

Q: I’m a parent. Can I send my student packages during these two weeks?
A: Yes.

COVID-19 Testing and the Daily Screener

Q: Do I need to complete the daily health screener during these two weeks?
A: Yes. All students, staff, and faculty, regardless of whether they are on campus or off campus, should continue to fill out the screener every day.

Q: I am a student who is not on campus right now. Do I have to get my COVID-19 test off-campus?

A: Yes, if you are off-campus for the two-week pause, you must get your COVID-19 test at an off-campus testing site. This applies to commuters AND resident students who left campus for the two-week pause.

Q: I’m an athlete and I was recently tested. I am off-campus for the two-week pause. Do I need to get tested again?

A: Yes. 

Q: Where can I find a place to get my COVID-19 test?

A: A short list of places you can get a COVID-19 test can be found at, under “COVID-19 Testing Info.” If you are looking for a free test, please see the next question. 

Q: I don’t have insurance. Where can I get a free COVID-19 test?

A: The US Department of Health and Human Services website has free testing options listed by state. If one site cannot grant you a free test, please try another one. Visit this website for more information: You may also check the Ride Aid website for testing locations near you: 

Q: I was told by the testing facility that my results might take up to ten days to get back. What do I do if I don’t get my results back on time?

A: Even if a testing site says it may take up to ten days to get results, most of the time, you will get your results much more quickly. Please get your test as soon as possible. If you do not have your results by Friday, October 23, contact Health Services for further instructions. 


Q. What should I do if I feel sick?
A. If you feel sick, stay home – Call Health Services (845-569-3152) or, if it’s after hours,  Security (845-569-3200). For resident students, Guzman Hall has been set up as a quarantine area. Students exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will quarantine there.


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