Mount Saint Mary College is committed to keeping the campus as safe and healthy as possible in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The college is following current federal, state, and local guidelines. The following is subject to revision if these guidelines are updated.

Cloth Facial Coverings and Social Distancing

Face masks, or face coverings, are defined as cloths that cover the face and nose at the same time. This does not include plastic or other kinds of face shields. Like faculty and staff, students are required to wear a cloth facial covering (mask) when in the presence of others. The Mount has provided cloth facial coverings for students.  In addition, students are required to adhere to proper social distancing of six feet between individuals whenever possible.

Students at High Risk

Mount Saint Mary College is making every effort to accommodate students in vulnerable populations. For example, these students have the option to engage in remote learning, either from their home or their residence hall. For students at high risk, please fill out this form if you have not already.

Student Health and COVID-19 protocol

Mount Saint Mary College has protocols in place for students who become symptomatic. These protocols are designed to keep the Mount community as safe as possible while also getting ill students the help they need to recover.

All Students During Business Hours: Students who feel ill during regular hours must immediately call Health Services at 845-569-3152. Students must not go to class or anywhere else on campus prior to calling Health Services. The Health Services staff will triage the student over the phone and instruct them on next steps. If a student suddenly feels ill in class, the student must leave class, socially distance greater than 6 feet from everyone, keep their mask on unless having breathing difficulties, and call Health Services immediately.

Resident Students After Hours: If a resident student feels ill afterhours, the student should stay in their room or current location, socially distance greater than 6 feet from everyone, keep their mask on unless having breathing difficulties, and call Security. The security officer will assist them in next steps. The phone number for the Office of Security and Safety is 845-569-3200.

Commuter Students: If a student feels ill prior to coming to school, they must call Health Services at 845-569-3152. Commuter Students who are feeling ill should NEVER report to campus prior to calling Health Services. The Health Services Staff will instruct them regarding next steps.

All students should put the numbers for Security and Health Services into their phones. If in doubt of what you should do and there is no emergency, please call Security or Health Services, and you will receive further instructions.

Student Events

All student events must follow New York State guidelines. Organizers of student events should require RSVPs to limit the number of people in attendance. They should also offer more time slots for programs. Whenever weather permits, events should be hosted outside. Organizers should also consider hosting Zoom meetings and virtual events instead of in-person gatherings.

Enhanced Cleaning

The college will provide enhanced cleaning for public spaces and residence halls. Please see “Cleaning and Facilities” for more information.

In general:

  • Residence halls with common bathrooms are cleaned two times a day. Daily cleaning schedules for residence halls include cleaning and disinfection of common areas, kitchens, entries, and laundry rooms.
  • Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected nightly. Periodic cleaning of desks throughout the day is the responsibility of the students. Sanitizing wipes or sanitizing spray and paper towels are provided in each classroom.

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