COVID-19 Policy

While COVID-19 remains a concern, the Mount is no longer requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters for students. However, the college still recommends vaccinations and boosters as a precaution. 

Note that specific academic programs, such as Nursing, require a COVID-19 vaccine and at least one booster in order to participate in clinical/field work or other mandatory activities.

The procedure for students who feel ill remains the same:

  • Do not come to campus or attend classes, clinicals, or fieldwork. 

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 off-campus, call Health Services to discuss next steps: 845-569-3152.

  • Resident students should call Health Services before going anywhere on campus: 845-569-3152. If it is after hours and Health Services is closed, call Security at 845-569-3200 or the RD on Duty for guidance. 

Mount Saint Mary College continues to monitor public health conditions. If it is deemed necessary for the safety of our students and the surrounding community, the college may amend this policy in the future. 

COVID Exposures

Students exposed to COVID-19 must wear a mask for 10 days after the exposure. Even if they are not symptomatic, it is recommended that students take a COVID test on the fifth day. Students will be required to quarantine off campus if they test positive for COVID-19. Note that this policy is the same regardless of vaccination status.

If you are not symptomatic, the recommended test on the fifth day can be a home test. If you are symptomatic, test with Health Services or seek a lab test.

testing positive

If you test positive for COVID-19, you still must isolate off campus for at least five days and will need to be cleared by Health Services before returning to campus. A mask will be required for days 6-10 and you may need to isolate during sleeping hours if you have a roommate. Alternate on-campus housing will be provided during this time if available. 


Masking in public spaces on the Mount campus is strongly recommended but optional. As a reminder, professors may require masks in their individual classes, staff members may require masks in their offices, and events on campus may require masks for attendance at the discretion of the host. Please keep a mask on your person at all times.

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