Vaccination Policy 

In response to rising COVID-19 infection rates in Orange County and the emergence of highly contagious variants such as Delta, the Mount will now be requiring all students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the fall semester with the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

The decision to require vaccines was not made lightly and will ultimately allow the Mount to provide the college experience that our students deserve. Vaccination will provide a safer return to in-person classes and activities; minimize risk of outbreak; protect the health of our community; and reduce the possibility of disruption to academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. For student-athletes, this reduces the frequency of testing required and helps us return to competition as safely as possible.

Additionally, getting vaccinated speaks to our Dominican values of community and service, as we take this measure to protect the health of those around us. 

Submitting Vaccination Documentation

To submit your proof of vaccination, please take a photo of the front of the card and email it to You may also fax your proof to Health Services at 845-569-3514. Please use your student email or include your student ID number in the body of the email.

Mask Policy

A face covering must be worn inside of ALL college buildings and vehicles, regardless of vaccination status. Employees do not need a face covering when alone in their office. Students do not need to wear masks when alone in their dorms, or with their “family unit” (roommates and suitemates).  Masks do not need to be worn outside or when eating or drinking.

Health Screener

All students, faculty, and staff are required to fill out a health screener. You can access the daily screener through a web browser on your computer or phone ( or by using the MSMC Mobile app (Apple or Android).

  • All students who live on campus are required to complete their health screener daily, whether or not you have class in-person or online, and whether or not you are leaving your room. This must be done first thing in the morning, every single day, no exceptions.
  • All commuter students are required to fill out the daily screener any day they attend class, either on campus or at home. 

You may be asked to present the results on your phone at any time on campus by any Mount administrators, including faculty and staff.

Surveillance Testing

COVID-19 surveillance testing for students, faculty, and staff will continue this semester, to protect the health and well-being of our campus community. Selection is random and participation is required if you are selected. You will be notified and given more instructions if you are selected to participate.


As of Monday, November 15, visitors:

  • Must fill out the health screener and present it at the gate. The screener will ask guests to self-report their vaccination status.
  • Are no longer required to present proof of vaccination, a negative test, or proof of recovering from COVID in the past 90 days. This means that event organizers are no longer responsible for gathering these documents or keeping a guest log.
  • Must wear masks for any inside events. Masks remain optional for outside events, though social distancing will be encouraged.



Students are required to receive all recommended doses of their COVID-19 vaccine and submit proof by September 9 at noon in order to return for the fall semester. 

Changing conditions, including the spread of new COVID-19 variants, rising COVID-19 transmission rates in Orange County, and new guidance from a number of health organizations, prompted a reassessment of our policy for the protection of our community, and communities at large. 

To submit your proof of vaccination, please take a photo of the front of the card and email it to You may also fax your proof to Health Services at 845-569-3514. 

Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccines are accepted. 

You can find reliable COVID-19 information on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website here: 

Find a location near you easily with this tool: 

Having COVID-19 in the past does not exempt you from the vaccination requirement.

Classes that are scheduled to be online (designated by an OL next to the prefix and number) will run online as planned. The remainder of classes will be held in-person starting September 13 unless otherwise noted.

Our face coverings policy will be guided by the prevailing conditions and guidance and may fluctuate over time.

The Athletics office will communicate details to student-athletes.

Additional communications will be sent in the coming days and will be posted to this page. If you still have questions, they can be directed to

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