The ProActive Caring Program was developed by The Center on Aging and Disability Policy at Mount Saint Mary College in collaboration with seasoned staff in the social service sector and community service providers.  The Steering Committee, as its name suggests, guides the implementation and on-going evaluation of the Program.  The Steering Committee selects and trains local organizations and groups to implement the training curriculum, verifies that the training is delivered consistently, and ensures that training materials are culturally competent and linguistically relevant.  It also develops the technical infrastructure needed to support the goals of the ProActive Caring program and creates a sustainability plan to maintain the program beyond the DDPC funding cycle.

Dr. Lawrence T. Force and Dr. Jeffrey Kahana, Director(s) 
The Center on Aging and Disability Policy

Elaine Sproat, Director, ProActive Caring Project

Roger Monthie, Evaluation Consultant

Sharon Murray-Cohen, Community Liaison - Colleges

Lisa Nathan, Community Liaison - Schools

Peggy Pisano, Community Liaison - Schools

Barbara Russell, Peer Facilitator

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