This page provides information about CELL’s outreach programs and frequently asked questions by parents, teachers, and/or participants. Please feel free to submit suggestions and/or questions to cell@msmc.edu.

Where can I find websites with helpful lesson plans?
There are many websites in which you can find lesson plans. Please visit our Teacher Resources page as well as the below links for useful classroom ideas.

How can I get my child more into writing and for a fun purpose?
The first step is being the “writing role model” for your child. From there, you can include writing activities from several of the following sites to make writing more intriguing for your child.

What are some helpful resources for getting my child to read over the summer?
Reading is like writing in that parents have to be the role model and show that reading can be a choice and for fun, not just for information. Below are some helpful sites that have suggested “Hot Reads” and ideas for reading over the summer.

I want to start incorporating more technology in my classroom, but do not have the time. What are some helpful suggestions?
Time is of the essence when you are a teacher. Here are some technology-enriched lessons that you might be able to utilize in your classroom.

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