Office Personnel 

Mrs. Nancy Benfer,  Principal
[email protected]

Dr. Sonya Abbye Taylor, Director of Professional Development and Curriculum
[email protected]

Mrs. Eileen Rose, Financial Manager
[email protected]

Mrs. Melissa Broe, Director of Admissions and Technology Coordinator 
[email protected]                                           

Sr. Lucy Povilonis, OP, Dean of Climate and Culture
[email protected]

Mrs. MaryJane Kaknis, School Nurse- Newburgh Employee: [email protected]
[email protected]

Mrs. Delilah Rugg, Teacher of Exceptional Students- Newburgh Employee: [email protected]
[email protected]

Mrs. Pam Giraud, Speech Pathologist- Newburgh Employee: [email protected]
[email protected]

Ms. Sara Garnot, LMSW, ADAPP Counselor
[email protected]

Mr. Garett Pagano, Director of Communications and Social Media
[email protected]

Mr. Trevor Purcell, Athletic Director
[email protected]

Mrs. Donna Perk, Instructional Technology Specialist
[email protected]

Classroom Teachers 

Mrs. Maryann D'Angelo, [email protected]
Mrs. Megan Lahar, [email protected]

Mrs. Colleen Middlemiss, [email protected]
Mrs. Catherine McLoughlin, [email protected]

Grade 1
Ms. Michaela Otranto, [email protected]

Grade 2
Ms. Kelly Raich, [email protected]

Grade 3
[email protected]

[email protected]

Grade 4
Ms. Jennifer Weber 

[email protected]

Grade 5
Mrs. Aspasia Vasilakos

[email protected]

Mrs. Jennifer LoPresti

[email protected]

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Grade 8 Homeroom, Religion, and 7-8 Social Studies
Mr. Matthew VanDeree, [email protected]

Grade 7 Homeroom, Religion, and 7-8 Mathematics
Ms. Elizabeth Cambronero, [email protected]

Grade 7 Homeroom, Religion, and 7-8 ELA
Ms. Leanna Vergis, [email protected]

Grade 6 Homeroom, Religion, Social Studies, Math, Reading, and ELA 
Ms. Brigid Killelea, [email protected]

Grade 6-8 Science Instructor 
Ms. Melissa Coffey, [email protected]


Ms. Carolyn Rodolis, Spanish, [email protected]
Mr. Raymond Berry, Physical Education, and STEAM, [email protected]
Ms. Gabriella Martelli, Art and STEAM, [email protected]
Mr. Eddie Muschio, IT support, [email protected]