Melissa Coffey

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science." ~ Edwin Powell Hubble

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Philosophy of Teaching Science:
Teaching science aims to inspire and support students as they secure and increase their scientific knowledge. As students are guided through their lessons, I must stress that being successful in science does not mean that you will always get the correct answer or that you will always write a hypothesis that matches the outcome of an experiment. Being successful in science means being willing to research, take risks, and become more aware of how the world around us works. By providing knowledge and tools in an accessible manner, every student will have the opportunity to succeed in science.

"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them." ~ William Lawrence Bragg



Welcome to Middle School Science

6th Grade's Focus in Science: Earth Science


Key Topics:

Introduction to Science Tools and Science Safety

Metric Measurement and Conversion

Scientific Method

Astronomy and Space

The Earth's Structure

Weather and Climate

Natural Resources

Plate Tectonics

Human Impact/ Global Climate Change

Inventors and Inventions


7th Grade's Focus in Science: Physical Science


Key Topics:

Metric Measurement Conversion and Scientific Notation

Scientific Method

Characteristics of Matter

Chemical Bonding and Equations

Potential and Kinetic Energy

Heat Energy

Wave Energy

Electrical and Magnetic Energy

Work, Power, and Simple Machines


8th Grade's Focus in Science: Living Environment


Key Topics:

Metric Measurement and Utilizing Scientific Notation

Scientific Method

The Science of Life

The Chemistry of Life



Biological Diversity

The Human Body


6th Grade: Earth Science

7th Grade: Physical Science

8th Grade: Living Environment

Middle school science students will start the year with a few review chapters. By participating in hands-on labs, the students will practice going through all of the steps of the scientific method. In addition, the students will also review the metric system and lab safety. Students will continue to work on lab techniques throughout the year.

Our science class holds numerous special events throughout the school year. Our annual Element-O Bingo is held around Halloween. This is an educational and fun way to increase student understanding of the periodic table. Wintertime brings holiday-themed science activities such as original songs with a scientific tie in. During late winter/early spring we host our annual Science Fair. Through collaboration with Mount St. Mary College, middle school students are given the opportunity to display and explain their projects to judges. The Science Fair provides students with the opportunity to practice their research skills, scientific method skills, essay writing, and oral presentation skills. The end of May will bring us to the performance portion of the 8th Grade NYS Science Exam and the written portion of the exam will be in the beginning of June. In addition, the Living Environment Science Regents will be given in June for 8th grade students.

Throughout the year, students will be involved in science-technology projects. Students will continuously do research on the internet and they will learn how to properly cite their sources. Projects will be presented utilizing G Suite components such as Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Google Docs.



Please see the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school supply list found under each grade level.