Caitlin Bonanno

Caitlin Bonanno



"We learn about the past to live wisely in the present and prepare for the future." ~ Mr. Gutierrez

Curriculum Overview

The seventh grade religion program follows the guidelines set by the Archdiocese of New York.  Students in grade 7 undertake an in-depth study of the New Testament, largely focused upon the four canonical Gospels and early portions of Acts of the Apostles.  They will cover the lessons contained within the parables, the source theories behind the Gospels, and the scriptural foundations of Christian religious holidays, among other important lessons.   Students also cover the Health Environments curriculum set forth by the Archdiocese of New York, helping students understand concepts such as healthy decision-making, use of our inner “moral compass,” body autonomy, and respect for God’s creation.  A large portion of the seventh grade curriculum also covers ethics and morality, giving students the opportunity to talk through and troubleshoot common moral scruples that can face early adolescents in our modern world.  Students’ prayer lives are enriched through various exercises in reflective and meditative prayer, as well as through the integration of music, art, and journaling.  Interdisciplinary studies are undertaken between Fine Arts, ELA, and religion, allowing students to study the works of C.S. Lewis through his Gospel-based allegory, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and preparing music for school masses. 

Beginnings Through 1877

Unit 1 Beginnings of American History

Chapter 1 Roots of the American People Chapter 2 Europe Looks Outward Chapter 3 Colonies Take Root Chapter 4 Life in the Colonies

Unit 2 Forming a New Nation

Chapter 5 The Road to Revolution Chapter 6 The American Revolution Chapter 7 Creating the Constitution and the Citizenship Handbook

Unit 3 The New Republic

Chapter 8 Launching a New Nation Chapter 9 The Era of Thomas Jefferson Chapter 10 A Changing Nation

Unit 4 The Nation Expands and Changes

Chapter 11 North and South Take Different Paths Chapter 12 An Age of Reform Chapter 13 Westward Expansion

Unit 5 Civil War and Reunion

Chapter 14 The Nation Divided Chapter 15 The Civil War Chapter 16 Reconstruction and the New South


Civil War to Present


Unit 5 Civil War and Reunion (Review)

Chapter 14 The Nation Divided Chapter 15 The Civil War Chapter 16 Reconstruction and the New South

Unit 6 An Age of Industry

Chapter 17 The West Transformed Chapter 18 Industry and Urban Growth Chapter 19 Political Reform and the Progressive Era

Unit 7 A New Role in the World

Chapter 20 The United States Looks Overseas Chapter 21 World War I Chapter 22 The Roaring Twenties

Unit 8 Depression and War


Chapter 23 The Great Depression and the New Deal Chapter 24 The World War II Era Chapter 25 The United States in the Cold War

Unit 9 Moving Toward the Future

Chapter 26 The Civil Rights Era Chapter 27 The Vietnam Era Chapter 28 New Directions for a Nation Chapter 29 Challenges for a New Century


Social Studies Standards

Framework for Social Studies State Standards:
National Council for the Social Studies C3


New York State K-12 Social Studies Resource Toolkit