Receiving your diploma


Mount Saint Mary College graduates students at three times each year: in May (on the date of our annual commencement ceremony) for students completing degree requirements during the spring semester; on August 30 for students completing degree requirements during the summer; and on December 30 for students completing degree requirements during the fall semester.

The official conferral of degrees and issuance of diplomas takes approximately one month from each graduation date.

Should any graduate require proof of completion of their degree requirements prior to degree conferral, MSMC can provide a letter to prospective employers confirming that all degree requirements have been met.  These letters are prepared on request.  In order to make a request, please contact the School or Division of their major program .

Once diplomas are printed, they will  be mailed to the graduates’ permanent address on file. To update their address, graduates must send a request to via their MSMC email address. Only those students who have fulfilled all academic responsibilities along with all financial obligations will be issued a diploma. Diplomas will not be distributed at the Commencement Ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: Latin Honors in the Commencement Program will be based on your cumulative GPA after Fall grades; Latin Honors will be updated on the transcripts and diploma, if needed, after all Spring grades are in. Latin Honors do not apply to Master’s degrees.