The Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center creates a dynamic, responsive learning environment by connecting people with information.  The library facilitates teaching and learning, advances scholarship, and serves as a vibrant and welcoming gathering place for the Mount Saint Mary College community.

Vision and Values

In tandem with the college mission, the library’s vision and values reflect the Mount’s Dominican traditions.

  • We value truth: the library listens to its users and anticipates and supports the needs of students, faculty, staff, and administrators in their pursuit of understanding and truth.
  • We value community: the library fosters community within and beyond campus borders by bringing people together to share diverse ideas, information, and experiences.
  • We value contemplation: the library offers space and knowledge resources conducive to contemplation, inspiration, and growth of the whole person.
  • We value study: the library builds a community of lifelong learners by teaching students to think critically and by creating opportunities for independent, authentic learning.
  • We value service: the library serves the campus with expertise, empathy, and respect and seeks ways to be of service to our neighbors and the world.

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