Often the first hurdle in finding information is selecting the appropriate database. The library subscribes to over 80 databases. Some are general and contain journals and articles in many different subjects, while some are specific to a certain content area. Use the list below to find databases in your subject. 

General databases covering multiple subjects. 

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Accounting  Finance Nursing
All Subjects Graphic Design Philosophy
Art Health Sciences Political Science
Biology Hispanic Studies Psychology
Business History Religion
Chemistry Human Services Science
Communication Arts Information Technology Social Work
Computer Science Literature Sociology
Criminology Management  
Current Events Marketing  
Cybersecurity Mathematics  
Economics Media Studies  
Education Medicine  
English News  

NOTE:  The purpose of these guides is to provide access to a range of authoritative materials. The library cannot be held responsible for the scientific accuracy or currency of resources in the databases, guides, or collection. Please consult a medical professional for specific medical questions, to interpret information for a specific condition or situation, or before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet, or medications. The information conveyed by this website does not constitute legal advice. If legal advice is required, seek the assistance of a licensed attorney.


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