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Division of Math and Information Technology
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Book Chapters

Chapter Title: Humanizing the classroom in the face of a dehumanizing pandemic
M. G. Modell, J.T. Fahey, Y.L. Konheim-Kalkstein, R. Wakeman, E. Mazzurco
Book Title: Pandemic Pedagogy: preparedness in uncertain times
Editor: E. Sengupta
Emerald, 2023 

Chapter Title: Improving reading performance through gamification and analytics
M. G. Modell
Book Title: New Media for Educational Change
Editors: L. Deng, W. Ma, F. W.K., & C. W. Rose
Springer, 2018. 

Chapter Title: Learning to lead collaborative student groups to success
Micah G. Modell 
Book Title: Handbook of Research on Teacher Education and Professional Development
Editors: C. Martin & D. Polly  
IGI Global, 2016.


Bingo! Do we have a winner?
Micah G. Modell
International Journal of Designs for Learning, vol11, n3, 2021, p23-35

Instructors’ professional vision for collaborative learning groups
Micah G. Modell
Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, vol9, n3, 2017, p346–362. 

Learners interpreting instructional images: meaning-making and decision-making strategies
Micah G. Modell, et al.
Journal of Visual Literacy, vol33, n2, 2014. 

Iterating over a method and tool to facilitate equitable assessment of group work
Micah G. Modell 
International Journal of Designs for Learning, vol4, n1, 2013, p39–53. 

Searching for personal territory in a human-computer interaction design studio
Micah G. Modell and Gray, C. 
Journal for Education in the Built Environment, vol6, n2, 2011, p54-78. 

Conference Publications

Blockly-DS: Blocks programming for data science with visual, statistical, descriptive and predictive analysis
Micah G. Modell, L. Barboza, R. Mello, E. S. Teixeira
LAK2023: LAK23: 13th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference, March 2023, p 644–649








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