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Bifidobacterium animalis causes extensive duodenitis and mild colonic inflammation in monoassociated interleukin-10 deficient mice
James P. Moran, J. Walter, S.L. Tonkonogy, G.W. Tannock, R.B. Sartor
Inflammatory Bowel Disease, v15, n7, 2009, p1022-1031

Radiation induced IFN-y production within the tumor microenvironment influences anti-tumor immunity
James P. Moran, A.A. Lugade, E.W. Sorensen, S.A. Gerber, J.G. Frelinger, E.M. Lord
Journal of Immunology, v180, n5, 2008, p3132-3139

Local radiation therapy of B16 melanoma tumors increases the generation of tumor antigen-specific effector cells that traffic to the tumor
James P. Moran, A.A. Lugade, S.A. Gerber, R.C. Rose, J.G. Frelinger, E.M. Lord
Journal of Immunology, v174, n12, 2005, p7516-7523

Characterization of a lymph node within the mouse prostate: detailed analysis using whole mount history
James P. Moran, S.A. Gerber, M.J. Turner, A.A. Lugade, J.G. Frelinger, E.M. Lord
Prostate, v63, n2, 2005, p105-116

Transfection of the genes for interleukin-12 into the K1735 melanoma and the EMT6 mammary sarcoma murine cell lines reveals distinct mechanisms of anti-tumor activity
James P. Moran, S.A. Gerber, C. Martin, J.G. Frelinger, E.M. Lord
Periodical:International Journal of Cancer, v106, n5, 2003, p690-698

Mechanism of IL-12 mediated alterations in tumour blood vessel morphology analysis using whole-tissue mountsJames P. Moran, S.A. Gerber, J.G. Frelinger, J.A. Frelinger, B.F. Fenton, E.M. Lord
British Journal of Cancer, v88, n9, 2003, p1453-1461

Alteration of tumor response to radiation by interleukin-2 gene transfer
James P. Moran, P.C. Keng, B.F. Fenton, C.J. Koch, E.M. Lord
British Journal of Cancer, v82, n4, 2000, p937-944

IL-3 mediated enhancement of particulate antigen presentation by macrophages
James P. Moran, E.M. Lord, K-Y Yeh, E. Storozynsky, J. Frelinger
Journal of Immunotherapy, v21, n3, 1998, p205-210


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