Attend Zoom classes and complete group work safely through social distancing at the library. 

The library strives to facilitate your ability to complete your academic work while promoting your health and safety. We have set up a number of spaces where you can individually attend zoom classes or engage in group work or viewing in a safe, socially distanced space. 

Zoom rooms

Study Rooms (1st and 2nd Floors)

  • Limited to two hours in two 1-hour or one 2-hour block per day to allow opportunity for as many students as possible to use the space. 
  • Make your reservation here. 

Room 218 (2nd Floor, South)

  • No reservation is required.
  • You may watch from your personal laptop, or if viewing the class as a group use the display and projectors. Please ask for assistance with using the display and projectors at the Information or Check-Out Desks. 
  • Use your own device. Check the floor, columns, walls, and podium for power.

Study Carrels (1st Floor, West)

  • 6 individual study carrels are available
  • No reservation is required.
  • Use your own device. Power is available in each carrel.

Computer Lab (2nd Floor, South)

Group viewing and work

Mediascape workstation (1st floor across from the Information Desk)

  •  Permits up to 3 people to share the content of their device onto two screens.
  • Adapters, which may be necessary to connect to the workstation, are available at the Check-out Desk upstairs.

 Room 218  (2nd floor)

  • Multiple students may view content from one device via the drop down screens and projector. 
  • Instructions for connecting your device and operating the projects will be available at the podium. 
  • If you need assistance turning on the projector, please ask at the Information Desk (first floor bottom of the stairs) or Check-out Desk (second floor turn right when facing the chapel).

spaces mentioned are marked on the maps below

First floor


second floor