Music and the arts make a bridge across this world in ways nothing else can."
~ Julie Andrews

 Elementary grades will rehearse for and perform in the annual BDMS Christmas play.  All grade levels will be prepared to sing at monthly school Masses as students learn songs from our ‘Catholic Top 40’ as well as Christian Praise and Worship music.

In each grade level, BDMS students will become exposed to art and music appreciation throughout the academic year.

Bishop Dunn offers a band program through the Paul Effman Music Service.* They may be reached at (845) 452–8528. Students may join the band program in the third grade and may continue through eighth grade.

The Bishop Dunn Chorus* welcomes students starting in second grade and continuing through eighth grade. The chorus is open to anyone who would like to sing, demonstrates proper behavior, and attends the rehearsals. Chorus members must be able to match pitch (sing the same note as the people next to them).

The Troubadours* are a group of singers chosen from the regular chorus by audition. Singers may audition for the Troubadours* starting in the third grade. Membership in the Troubadours requires solid music skills, ability to concentrate and follow instructions, and a willingness to work hard. The Troubadours perform more complex and challenging music and act as mentors in support of the full chorus. The Troubadours are also called upon to perform for special occasions. Some past performances were: Barnes and Noble book fair, Dr. Martin Luther King dedication, City of Newburgh Unity Service, and the Rally for St. Mary’s Church.

* Fees are charged for these programs.