Guidelines for the ceremony

While recognizing that Commencement is truly a celebration for graduates, it is important for parents, guests and students to acknowledge that it is a formal academic ceremony to be conducted with respect and dignity.

  • You must be in proper academic regalia (cap, gown, hood and academic tassel) to participate in the exercises. Be sure to bring these items with you. The tassel is worn on the right side of the mortarboard (cap) prior to the degree being conferred and on the left side after the degree is conferred. (Caps may be tastefully decorated)

  • Please turn off all cell phones during the ceremony and remain seated for the duration of the ceremony.

  • Balloons, confetti, horns, and similar items are not permitted on the field.

  • So that guests may hear the name of their graduate announced: We ask that those in attendance refrain from clapping, yelling, shouting, or whistling until all the graduates have been individually acknowledged on stage. Boisterous behavior during the conferring of degrees, such as yelling or whistling, is both rude and inconsiderate. Small children and babies must be properly attended to at all times during the ceremony.

  • For the health and safety of all, no smoking is permitted on the Dominican Center field, or in any buildings.

  •  Graduates are expected to stay until the ceremony concludes. Please plan accordingly.