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Chapter Title: Using active learning to teach neuroanatomy: the jigsaw classroom
Amanda M. Maynard, Sarah Uzelac
Book Title: Teaching neuroscience: practical activities for an engaged classroom
Editor: Melissa Burkett
Society for the Teaching of Psychology web site, 2015

Chapter Title: There has to be a better way! Using a case study approach to information literacy instruction in Psychology courses
Amanda M. Maynard, Vivian Milczarski
Book Title: Essays from Excellence in Teaching, v14, 2014


Improving information literacy skills for psychology majors: the development of a case study technique
Vivian Milczarski, Amanda Maynard
College & Undergraduate Libraries, v22, 2015, p35-44

Exposure to the fields of psychology: evaluation of an introductory psychology report
Amanda Maynard
Teaching of Psychology, v31, n1, 2004, p37-40


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