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Professor Maynard earned her PhD in developmental psychology with a minor in quantitative studies in 1998 from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has conducted research in the area of adolescent development from a social-cognitive perspective, particularly in the contexts of prosocial decision-making and employment.

While working on her master's and doctoral degrees, she researched factors influencing adolescents' prosocial judgments using a contextual approach. This research blended her interest in developmental psychology and quantitative methods and led to the development and publication of the Adolescents' Intention to Respond to Aggression (AIR-A)© scale to measure adolescents' prosocial decision-making regarding aggressive situations. With respect to her research interests in adolescent employment, she has investigated adolescents' development of work values and behaviors, including organizational citizenship behaviors and psychological contracts.

Professor Maynard is also interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her work includes the evaluation of active learning pedagogies used in teaching both knowledge and skills within the context of Psychology.

Doctor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University
Master of Arts, Bowling Green State University
Bachelor of Arts, State University of New York at Plattsburgh

PSY 1010 General Psychology

Memberships and Professional Associations
Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division II of the American Psychological Association)
Association for Psychological Science


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