Develop Your Expertise

No matter your major, chances are that you’ll take classes from across our six divisions and two schools during your time at the Mount. That’s one of the major benefits of a liberal arts education - gaining knowledge across a variety of fields! In each of these divisions and schools, you’ll find dedicated faculty and exciting courses that will challenge you to expand your knowledge and then use it to change the world.

Arts & Letters

Spark creativity in literature, writing, languages, theatre, and more.

School of Business

Spark leadership in accounting, finance, business, healthcare, marketing, sports, and more.

Communication, Art, and Digital Media

Spark understanding through advertising, public relations, art, digital media, journalism, and more.

Division of Education

Spark a love of learning by preparing for certification in education.

Division of Mathematics & Information Technology

Spark innovation through actuarial science, technology, math, cybersecurity, and more.

Division of Natural Sciences

Spark knowledge with biology, chemistry, exercise science, pre-health professions, and more.

School of Nursing

Spark compassion with the study of nursing.

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Spark contemplation through philosophy, biblical studies, and religion.

Division of Social Sciences

Spark conversation through psychology, sociology, criminology, history, human services, political science, and more.

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