5 Things We Love About the Mount

You might have noticed that our community is pretty passionate about this place, but there's good reason to be! Here's five reasons why we love the Mount campus and community:

Relaxing on the hill by MST


It's small enough to get from your room to your class in a flash, but big enough to have everything you need. Have you seen our residence halls and dining options? It won't take long to make yourself at home here. And that view? Trust us, it never gets old.

Color Run

2. Pursuing our passions 

No need to be bored. A full roster of clubs and activities and 24 athletic teams makes it easy for you to do more of what you love or find new interests to explore. Become a campus leader. Be part of a show. Play intramurals, or start your own club. The possibilities go on and on.

Hiking in the woods

3. Living in the Hudson Valley

There is so much to enjoy in this awesome Valley. From entertainment and culture to shopping and internships, we're close to it all, and New York City is just a train ride away. You'll be calling the Hudson Valley home in no time.

Baby Pantry Service Project

4. Making a Difference

We believe in helping each other, so you'll find plenty of opportunities here to make a difference. Our teams, clubs, and classes are constantly giving back to the community, sparking change, and gaining valuable skills and experience all at the same time. 



A team devoted to your success ? Check. Ways to keep your mind and body healthy or to explore faith and service? Ditto. Plus, there's help for becoming a better writer, support for physical and learning disabilities, and a Career Center that will prepare you for life after college.

It's all here.