A holistic approach to wellness

Holistic health is the practice of treating the whole mind, body, and spirit – because it is never just one aspect of wellness that throws us off balance. Physical and spiritual health is connected to mental well-being, which affects how we interact socially and how we feel emotionally.

At the Mount, we make it a priority to care for all of these aspects of our students through a variety of health and wellness offices and programs that are all housed within the Student Health and Wellness Center. Our mission is not just to support you throughout your time in college, but to also teach you how to prioritize your wellness and live a life of vitality beyond your time here.

Health Services

Expanding your mind starts with staying well. When you’re feeling under the weather, we’ll work with you to get well soon.

Counseling Services

It’s okay to ask for help. In fact, it’s encouraged! Meet with one of our counselors to work through stress, anxiety, depression, and more.


PACT helps students with anxiety develop skills and confidence. We create personal connections and build coping skills so students Persist, Achieve, Connect, and Thrive at MSMC and beyond.

Well-Knights Podcast

With a variety of topics ranging from health to general well-being, Well-Knights is a podcast designed to give the MSMC community bite sized information to help them focus on wellness. New episodes monthly!


The Assessment and Care Team (ACT) is a multidisciplinary panel from key offices across the Mount community who regularly meet to evaluate student concerns referred to them by members of the MSMC community.

Mental Health Resources

Learn about local and national resources to support common challenges and experiences that occur for a wide range of college student populations.

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