Accept the Challenge

You could just excel in class and leave it at that, but we want to push you to go further. At the Mount, we recognize and honor exemplary students like yourself, while also allowing you further opportunities to stretch your mind and use that knowledge to change the world.

The Honors Program

The Mount’s Honors Program offers students the opportunity to take specialized, thought-provoking classes with like-minded peers while being part of a living and learning community of scholars.

Honor Societies

We love recognizing the academic achievements of the top students in our majors and programs through our 17 honor societies.


Don’t just learn about your field; contribute to it! From class-based assignments to paid summer positions on campus, the Mount offers plenty of opportunities to make a difference in your area of expertise.

Academic Recognition

Let us honor your achievements! The Mount recognizes high-achieving students through our Dean’s List, scholar designations, and graduation honors.

Medici Scholars

Learn real-world corporate skills while giving back. This hands-on, intensive program for Business students offers the opportunity to develop teamwork, grow skills, and contribute to the local business community. Sponsored by Walden Savings Bank

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