Research allows you to take material from a textbook or lesson and make it your own. You might think this kind of hands-on work is limited only to science, but students in every major at the Mount participate in various kinds of research - literary, educational, health-based, historical, mathematical, and of course, scientific.

Participating in research not only allows you to understand a topic better and become an expert in your field, it also offers the opportunity to contribute to it. Some of our students have even presented their research (and won awards for it!) at regional and national conferences or been published in an academic article.

From one-on-one with a professor to program-specific research, there’s so many ways to get involved in this fantastic part of the Mount academic experience.

SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience)

Student examining with a microscope

SURE is a competitive program that offers the opportunity for several students to spend 5 or 10 weeks on campus during the summer working one-on-one with a professor on a topic of their choosing. You’ll take a deep dive into a topic with a professor 20 hours a week and receive housing and a stipend as well as research experience. At the conclusion of the program, you’ll present your findings to the rest of the program and then the entire campus community during a reception held each fall.

Learn more about the SURE program here.

iROC (Investigating Research On Campus)

Professor with powerpointOur faculty all have such interesting research interests, and they love to share them with our students. Every few weeks, a professor or other member of the Mount community will share their research during an iROC presentation on everything from the relationship between God and sports, sustainability reporting in accounting, aviary research in New Zealand, and more. So grab some cookies and take a crash course in a new subject close to your professor’s heart.

Learn more about upcoming iROC presentation here.

Honors Research

Student at board with math problemOur Honors Program students have the opportunity to take an entire semester course of research, dedicating themselves to one-on-one study with a professor on a topic of their choosing. And our students get creative with their projects - one student even wrote and directed a play for her project! Not only is this a great element for your resume and grad school applications, but it is an extremely rewarding process to contribute to a subject you’ve been studying the past three years. 

Independent Study

Student presenting researchOne of the hidden gems of the Mount’s curriculum is independent study. Taking an independent study course allows you to work closely with a professor on a subject that interests you. It’s like getting to design your own course on a specialty topic. Oftentimes, students will end up presenting their work at local, regional, and national conferences as part of their independent study coursework, offering the opportunity to gain valuable presentation skills as well.

Research Centers

Professor speaking at podiumThe Mount is proud to be a part of several on-campus, faculty-run research centers that often provide opportunities for students to get involved. Each of these centers focuses on a pivotal aspect of the Mount’s mission and seeks to share that message through service, research, and awareness events.

Faculty Research

Professor and student working in labOur faculty don’t just share their passion with students through teaching; they are also accomplished authors, presenters, and contributors to their fields! Many of these research projects also involve undergraduate participation or assistance.



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