$6,500 per year tuition | 4-year graduation guarantee

Yes, you read that right: You can get a degree in the Humanities at a private college for just $6,500 per year.

You see, we believe in the value of a humanities-centered degree. We see each day how our graduates from the Humanities go on to do amazing work in their fields. Unlike the stereotypes claim, these students do get jobs, along with the 93% of Mount 2019 graduates who were employed or in graduate school six months after graduation. 

But we aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Just ask the world’s top CEOs, who consistently tell us the top skills they look for in candidates are critical and creative thinking, writing and public speaking, the ability to work well as a team, problem-solving, curiosity, and emotional intelligence.

Yes, you can get those skills in any discipline, and we at the Mount make sure they are emphasized across the curriculum no matter your major (that’s the benefit of attending a liberal arts college!). But these skills are also hard-wired into certain disciplines like English, History, Philosophy, and more, all of which are combined in this Interdisciplinary Studies program.

And so, we decided to develop the Humanities@Work program, a highly-competitive, affordable college degree program that reimagines academia by shifting the focus from the subject you'll study to the skills you'll obtain, then applying those skills to the career of your choosing.

Program Details:

Students accepted into the Humanities@Work program will major in Interdisciplinary Studies, as they progress through six theme areas. Students will work together in a cohort model to build these skills both inside and outside the classroom, and fully immerse themselves in the program by living on campus. Plus, you’ll benefit from seminar-style classes, which are generally smaller in size (fewer than 15 students) and allow you to go in depth on a topic, challenging you to stretch and grow as you debate and learn in an intimate class setting (the best way to learn the Humanities, if you ask us!).

This well-rounded program isn’t just about the classes you’ll take or the jobs you’ll get. It’s about using your whole college experience to prepare you for the future. That’s why we’re going to have all of our Humanities@Work students participate in an internship each year (with a deeply-immersive internship experience in their senior year!) along with other specialized opportunities like Honors seminars and service and field trip opportunities.

Contrary to the stereotype, humanities majors land dream jobs that give them the ability to change the world (there’s even a recent study exploring the topic!). Humanities@Work will prepare you for an entire field of career options upon graduation!

Most importantly, the Humanities@Work program is about you: dive into a degree experience that is uniquely yours and will prepare you for a life of work and enjoyment. Want to learn more? Request information now!


No catch, and no hidden fees. You’ll be locked in at a rate of $6,500 per year tuition, guaranteed for four years. The only thing not covered is room and board and textbooks.

This program features small, intimate class sizes built to help you succeed. Plus, you’ll have all the student support we have to offer. Every Humanities@Work student will have an academic coach with our Office of Student Success, access to our Writing Center and Library, and more.

In order to keep our class sizes intimate, only a limited number of students will be accepted into this program each year.

To meet the needs of a flexible and self-directed program of studies at the heart of Humanities@Work, students take advantage of the self-designed Interdisciplinary Studies major within the program's six theme areas. This allows you to choose your own adventure across disciplines when it comes to academic choices.

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