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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or Human Services from Mount Saint Mary College
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Pace University

Counseling is an application of psychology that focuses on helping others work through affecting life experiences. In order to be a good counselor, you’ll want to be a good listener who exhibits compassion and empathy. Those qualities, coupled with training in mental and emotional health, will prepare you to change the world, one person at a time. 

Why study Mental Health Counseling/Psychology or Human Services?

Here’s what makes the Mount’s Mental Health Counseling/Psychology or Human Services/ 3+3 track program unique:

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  • Save time: Thanks to our collaboration program with Pace University, you can save time getting your Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, which is a 60 credit program! In your senior year, you’ll take four classes at Pace in the graduate program that also count towards your undergraduate degree, putting you on the fast track to your career. That leaves 48 credits to be completed at Pace after you receive your bachelor's. 
  • Choose your path: Our collaboration program accepts both Psychology and Human Services majors, so you’re free to pick whichever major you’d like for undergrad.
  • Start small: We think that learning the helping professions in a small class setting makes all the difference. Start your degree in our small, nurturing classroom setting at the Mount, then be prepared to change the world on a big scale!

What to expect as a Mental Health Counseling/Psychology or Human Services student

Learn about Mental Health Counseling/Psychology or Human Services academic requirements and courses here.

For your first three years at the Mount, your course curriculum will look very similar to that of our other Psychology or Human Services majors. You’ll take your General Education and introductory courses in your major, followed by upper-level courses in the subject and a required internship. In your junior year, you will also apply for admission to the master’s program at Pace.

Following acceptance to the master’s program, in your fourth year at the Mount, you’ll also begin taking classes at Pace. These four, 3-credit classes will count as electives towards your undergraduate degree as well. At the end of your fourth year, you’ll graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Human Services from the Mount and take courses exclusively at Pace University towards a master’s degree.

In order to be eligible for this program, you must maintain a 3.0+ overall GPA and a 3.2+ GPA in your major.

As with our traditional Psychology or Human Services majors, you’ll benefit from opportunities for applied research with professors, small class sizes that foster real world training, and giving back to the community both inside and outside the classroom.

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Be prepared for your future

After receiving a master’s degree in Counseling or Mental Health Counseling, you’ll be prepared to help others as a therapist or counselor for a variety of age groups and specialities (ie. family, marriage, addiction, etc.).

Here’s how some of our Counseling/Psychology or Human Services alumni are using their degrees:

  • Rebecca Van Duzer ’13, Intake Coordinator at the Institute for Family Health
  • Elizabeth Lavin ’17, Mental Health Counselor at private practice
  • Daria Sullivan ’17, Vocational Rehab Specialist at Laurel House

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