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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 

Sociology is the study of human interactions, relationships, and society. Sociology majors are people-watchers with a purpose: that of learning about human behavior in order to better help others.

Why be a Sociology major?

Here’s what makes the Mount’s Sociology major unique:

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  • Small class sizes: The study of Sociology is rooted in humanity, and what better way to learn about human interactions than in a close-knit, small group setting? With an average class size of 20, you’ll be guaranteed to know your professors and classmates well.
  • Flexibility: The number of classes required for Sociology allows you to call the shots on your degree. Some of our Sociology majors choose to double major in a related field like Psychology or Human Services or pick up a minor in an area they’d like to learn more about.
  • Service orientation: Chances are as a Sociology major that you’ll end up in a helping profession after graduation. Start right now at a college that puts community service first!

What to expect as a Sociology major

33+ credits | Maintain C+

Learn more about Sociology academic requirements and courses here.

You’ll begin your Sociology major with Introduction to Sociology, giving you the foundation for what you’ll need to study in this field. After that, you’ll venture into higher level courses such as Social Class Power & Inequality; Race, Gender, and Society; Poverty in the U.S.; Community Action; and more. Finally, you’ll conclude your time in the major with a capstone research project on a subject of your choosing.

Outside of the classroom, you’ll find that you won’t have to wait until Commencement to start helping others. You’ll do that right away, whether through a research project or hands-on lesson for class or by joining one of our volunteer-based clubs like Aging United or Habitat for Humanity.

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Be prepared for your future

For even more preparation for your career, consider an internship! Sociology majors can work with our Career Center to help find an internship that fits your future.

After graduation, our Sociology majors are prepared for graduate school for further studies in an area of their choice, including counseling/mental health, social work, criminal justice, human resources and more.

Here’s how some of our Sociology alumni are using their degrees:

  • Diane Ritters ’88, Director of Day and Employment Services at Greystone Programs, Inc.
  • Brandon Roberts ’10, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Piedmont College
  • Denise Casagrande ’11, President/COO of PCG Digital
  • Nancy Giron ’13, Family/Community Service Coordinator at ABCD Kingston
  • Annaliese Castro ’16, Behavioral Therapist at Beacon Services of Connecticut

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